Organic saffron 2 g

2g the Organic saffron threads . Category 1 – ISO 3632.
in glass jar 100% recycled.
Grown on a family farm and processed through a delicate artisanal wood-fire dehydration method, creating a saffron with the highest levels of colour, flavour and aroma.



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Organic Coupé Saffron, the purest saffron variety with the highest levels of colour, flavour and aroma. Grown on a family farm where we revive the traditional artisanal production methods of Montsec. Our delicate production process determines the pure red of the saffron, which is dehydrated using holly and oak wood, a process which amplifies its organoleptic properties.

SAFRÀ DEL MONTSEC has recently won two out of three stars at the Great Taste Awards and is included as a product on the Slow Food Arc of Taste.

Artisanry, delicacy and warmth are what make our saffron pure, authentic and unique. A gastronomic luxury to savour! For the most demanding menus, the most sublime saffron!

Recommended dose

the ideal dosage is a question of personal taste. However, an indicative value of three to six threads per person is enough to appreciate the properties of our product. (For more recommendations, see our Instructions )

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 0.14 kg
Dimensions 6.5 × 7 × 6 cm

Category 1 ISO 3632

Ecological Certification





saffron 100%


Gluten Free, Lactose Free