Pack Azafrán Paella

The two key products for preparing an authentic paella. Family-farm grown, maximum-quality rice and saffron!

The pack includes:

  • One gram of Safrà del Montsec, the purest organic saffron threads!
  • One kilo of bomba rice from Lo Nostre Arròs, the perfect ally!


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Pack of Key Catalan Products for Paella:

  • Safrà del Montsec Organic Coupé Saffron – (1 g)
  • Lo Nostre Arròs Bomba Rice – (1 kg)
    Japanese grain variety, with a pearly appearance. Its grains are round and short, 5 mm long and 2.1 mm wide. It is considered, by the experts, to be of extraordinary culinary quality thanks to its chemical composition which strikes a perfect balance between amylose and amylopectin, allowing the rice to stay whole and loose. These characteristics make it an especially great choice for cooking paella and other typical dishes from Mediterranean cuisine.
    Lo Nostre Arròs is grown on a family farm, with limited production and no mixing of varieties.

Additional Information

Additional information

Weight 1.26 kg
Dimensions 29 × 16.5 × 7.5 cm

1 g – Organic Saffron Coupé. Safrá del Montsec
1 kg – Bomba rice. Lo Nostre Arròs